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Cinderella, a Fairy's Tale 

A new musical based on this beloved fairy tale!

Performances weekends  July 16 - July 31

2016 Season Audition info

Book by Melody Meitrott Libonati
Music by David Hancock Turner
Lyrics by Melody Meitrott Libonati & David Hancock Turner

This classic magical fairy tale is introduced by the Fairy Godmother who has an updated point of view. This is a fun, witty, new adaption with larger-than-life characters, new contemporary songs and lots of audience participation. Students quickly learn that Cinderella is more than capable of running the kingdom, is able to deal with her bullying stepsisters and how h
er self-confidence wins the Prince (and audiences’) admiration.  The show’s quick pace, humorous songs and high energy appeals to students of all ages especially elementary school.  Show premiered by the Summer Theatre in in 2016 and was well received by children and parents. Touring performances will be available in the fall/winter and spring. (contact us for more info) 

Comments from last year's audience 

Parent: "Very funny, very clever... enjoyed as much as my daughter"

6 year old:  "Cinderella could run the kingdom just as good as the Prince"

5 year old: "I laughed at 'Find the Foot Song' and the Cinderella was beautiful"



Production Team

Directed by Melody Meitrot Libonati
Music Direction by David Hancock Turner
Choreography by Corinne Broadbent
Lighting Design by Dan Chapman
Costume Design by Lauren Gaston 


Leanne Gadow Cinderella
Moriel Behar Fairy Godmother
Tyler Angotto Fronc
Savannah Lobel Medusa (Stepsister)
Ali Tesluk Medea (Stepsister)
Christian Cardozo Prince
Jose Plaza Herald the Harold
Lilli Jacobs Mouse/Horseman/Courtier/Stylist
Dylan Tomas Kastel* Mouse/Horseman/Courtier/Stylist



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