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Performances Weekends June 24 - July 30, 2017 .
Book, Music, and Lyrics by Nathan Fosbinder 
Conceived and Directed by Ali Tesluk                     

The Summer Theatre of New Canaan presents the world premiere of an exciting new musical, The Dancing Princesses. Based off of the fairytale The Twelve Dancing Princesses, the story begins with an enchanting mystery for the kingdom to solve - why the young princesses awake exhausted each morning with their shoes worn through.  Out of concern for her daughters, the strict queen forbids the kingdom from sleeping until the mystery is solved.One suitor who discovers the answer to the mystery with the help of some magic from a Gypsy woman, finds that all is not as it seems and that there is more to these princesses than meets the eye. Come see this contemporary new musical to discover how the princesses, the suitor, and the queen journey together to find a better understanding of who they really are and who they ought to be. 

Ideal for children of all ages

Running time about 1:15 with intermission.


Production Team

Director: Ali Tesluk
Music Director: Nathan Fosbinder  
Choreographer: Corinne Curtis Broadbent
Costume Designer: Sarita Fellows
Lighting Designer: Devon Allan

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