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July 8 – 29.
Weekends Waveny Park, New Canaan

Barry Kornhauser, playwrigh

Balloonacy is a tender, uplifting and hilariously funny show for children. Imagine a singe balloon changing one person’s life forever. This mischievous balloon finds its way into the home of a lonely adult. Sweet, inventive and packed with physical comedy, this play explores the power of friendship and shows how, with a little imagination and acceptance, friendship is everywhere. Show is performed by single adult (mime/clown) and a magical red balloon!
Recommended for all ages!
Running Time: 45 minutes.



Christian Libonati


Corinne Broadbent


Brad Caleb Lee

Set Designer

Devon Allen

Lighting Designer

Michael Huey

Sound Designer

Michelle Rakowsky

Production Stage Manager

Ella Raymont

Balloon Rangler


Oman Sade

(Lonely Man)

Red Balloon

(Red Balloon)


Pre-Season Special
3 Children Shows for the price of 2

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