The Summer Theatre of New Canaan Presents

Pre-College Theatre Lab

Our two week intensive offering professional-level training to prepare high school students for a future in the performing arts.

  • July 15 – July 26
  • New Canaan, CT


The Pre-College Theatre Lab offers high school students a fun, intensive curriculum that will prepare and position them for both college and professional opportunities.  

The curriculum has been created by industry experts who have a passion for developing the next generation of theatre artists. Students develop performance and communication skills that will serve them throughout their professional careers.

The program is available to up to 10 participants from rising freshman to graduating seniors.

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Past core classes have included:

Acting: Students access truth in performance by engaging with foundational acting methods.  Focus is placed on connecting thought, emotion and speech to create living, breathing, three dimensional characters on stage.

Musical Theatre Voice: Students learn to harness vocal strength exploring how we use our voices and how that translates to live performance. This class covers healthy vocal production, storytelling through song, how to select material and where vocal trends are shifting in the business. Students leave with a better understanding of their instrument and with personalized song cuts to use for auditions or performance.

Shakespearean Verse: The study of Shakespeare in performance is essential for every performer. The Theatre Lab demystifies Shakespeare by uncovering the humor, joy and universal relevance of Shakespeare’s text. Shakespearean Verse asks students to explore the power of words though ensemble scene work, text analysis and speech.

Physical Theatre: Physical theater tackles character, storytelling, and emotion.  Through this creative and rigorous training, students develop physical awareness, learn to get “out of their heads”, and gain confidence on stage. Through object manipulation, physical comedy, clowning, mime and physical conditioning students gain a range of practical skills that can be applied to all styles of performance.

Auditioning for Film and Theatre Workshop: Students work with a seasoned New York casting director to delve into current industry standards for audition etiquette.  Topics include what makes great audition material and techniques to make your audition a success. Each student receives individual resume consultations.

Additional Masterclass Workshops with Established Industry Artists: Students round out their training with a series of masterclasses meant to expose them to unique forms of performance and theatre-making.

Past topics include: Musical Theatre Performance, Choreography, Directing, Auditioning, Stage Combat, Acting Plus, Devised Theatre, Artist Wellness through Yoga & Meditation.

Learn More & Register. Or reach out to or call (203) 966-4634.