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The Adventures of Robin Hood
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The Adventures of Robin Hood
By Oliver Emanuel
Directed by Christian Libonati

Rehearsals: July 20 – July 30 @ STONC Rehearsal studio in New Canaan, CT
Tech / Performance: July 31 @ CT Venue TBA
Tech: August 2 @ NCHS Theater
August 3 – Performances 10am (& 1PM TBD) @ the NCHS Theater in New Canaan, CT
Rehearsal venue is accessible via MetroNorth.

Submission Deadline: June 15 @ 10AM; See submission instructions below.
Callbacks will be held June 19 and 20.

Offer: $1,400 Full Project (non-union); Additional travel stipend provided
This production is designed to tour and will play two venues in Connecticut for 2 -3 performances total. There is a possibility of touring the production to area schools in Spring 2025, but by accepting this production you are not committing to anything beyond the 2024 summer dates listed above.

About the Show:
The Adventures of Robin Hood is a 55 minute two person adaptation of the Robin Hood stories. Each actor plays multiple roles through out the performance. Both actors require experience in physical theatre, stage combat, various UK dialects, and a strong ability to communicate directly with an audience. Dance experience and sword fighting (foil) is a plus.

Actor 1: (Open gender / ethnicity) Plays Robin Hood, et al. Head strong / self important. Learns to fight for more than just himself.

Actor 2: (Open gender / ethnicity) Plays the Sheriff, Little John, Marian, and all of the Merry Men. Comfort with various UK dialects is required. There are no clear cut villains in this adaptation. Each character is passionate and ready to fight for what they think is right.

This is a remount. The original director will be in the room working with the new actors to make it their own, but due to the quick process, we will rely heavily on staging from the original production. With this in mind, you are encouraged to explore The Adventures of Robin Hood School Tour event page on the Summer Theatre of New Canaan website. Here you will see photos from a prior school tour, and video from the full performance. This will give you a better understanding of the performance concept, aesthetic, and style.


A note on style: There are many lines in this script that are not assigned to a character; however, that doesn’t mean there is no character in the lines. In all situations the narration is endowed with the point of view (and possibly the vocal energy) of the storytellers or the characters they are portraying.

A note on concept: As stated above this is a re-mount production of the Summer Theatre of New Canaan’s 2017 production. The production is framed as two school children telling the story of Robin Hood using the items available to them at the school gym (Note: do not play “child”).  For example:  Little John puts on big hockey pads and fights with a hockey stick rather than a staff, the Sheriff wears a marching band uniform, etc… We will lean heavily on the original blocking; however there will be space to draw on the strengths of the new actors.

Please refer to the specific sides for additional instructions.

Actor 1:
Side 1
Side 3
Side 5

Actor 2:
Side 1
Side 2
Side 4

How to Submit

Auditions are currently being held by video submission. Please submit your headshot/resume and individual file links to If you have additional links to a movement/dance or stage combat real you are encourages to include that as well.

In your slate please include:
1) Name
2) Location (NYC, CT Town, etc)
3) Experience with physical theater and/or stage combat.

Please address any questions to Thank you!